Post Modern Mrs Haversham awakes from her slumber.” Dickenson Gazette 1866

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*I will NEVER regret eating lots of cake…* She thought.


She would eat lots of it while staring out the window watching strangers passing by.

Each slice replaced the cake on the dining table several times over.  She said she used it to dampen every emotion that would cause her pain.

In fact her cook indulged her too much it seems, feeding her from the delights that could be found in “Mrs Beeton’s Book of Household Management’. She wanted to cheer me up she said (she was given a copy by her ex-husband in the 20th centuary) She only wanted to ‘feel’ calm, loved and taken care of.

She even learned to make some of the recipes for herself, when cook would allow her to. 

New meaning was brought to the phrase ‘stuffing my face’, because she was stuffing her feelings back inside her body, it’s numbing effect like anesthetistia blinded her to all around her. The change of centuaries had passed her by. 

But for every day, week, month, year or decade she would be reincarnated.

Sometime as a child, a woman or a man, depending on the depth of despair

For only the strong can bare such pain…



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